2018 Plans

As of quarter ended June 30, 2017, the Azure management team is energized by the current activity on our dedicated systems:

  • 4 EXCO rigs running on Holly dedicated acreage
  • 1 Indigo rig running on Holly dedicated acreage
  • 1 BP rig running on Shelby dedicated acreage
  • 29 new wells projected between June 2017 and April 2018

Azure projects financial performance to improve dramatically with these increased volumes:

  • Over $70 million projected EBITDA in 2017
  • Between $75 million and $90 million projected EBITDA in 2018

The management team continues its focus on additional commercial activity, as well as opportunities to diversify to other basins and add additional services

Current strategic alternatives under consideration by management include:

  • Raising additional capital for growth projects and M&A activity
  • Evaluating potential merger candidates
  • Considering the appropriate window for a sale process