Business Strategy

Our primary business strategy is to predictably increase our enterprise value while ensuring the ongoing stability of cash flows. We expect to achieve this objective through the following business strategies:

Increase capacity utilization and throughput volumes on our existing systems.

Our systems are designed to benefit from incremental volumes arising from high-density, infill drilling on existing pad sites already connected to our systems and do not require significant additional capital expenditures to handle such volumes.

Execute on organic growth and development opportunities.

We expect to execute organic growth and development opportunities associated with increases in natural gas, NGLs and crude oil production by increasing our midstream service offerings with existing customers and obtaining new customers.

Pursue accretive acquisitions from third parties and our sponsors.

We look for strategic and accretive opportunities to complement our existing asset base or provide attractive returns in new operating regions through third party acquisitions.

Diversify our assets through acquisitions of midstream assets.

We plan to diversify our basin exposure into new, high-growth regions, as well as expand our operational capabilities into natural gas processing and crude oil services, primarily through acquisitions.

Generate stable and predictable fee-based cash flows.

We intend to continue pursuing accretive opportunities to provide fixed-fee and fixed-spread services to existing and new customers, limiting our direct exposure to commodity price volatility when possible.